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Forever Frangipani!

I will be writing a few blogs over the next month about the new Elemis Christmas Collection. There are some amazing savings and new products to be had, Im sure most of us will buy these for ourselves as they are such great value they are a good way to stock up on your favourite products.

Forever Frangipani Set £39.90 (worth £73!!)

Our all time favourite Elemis Frangrance in this lovely collection with a limited edition room mist!!!!!!

The Frangipani range is ultra conditioning and nourishing for all skin types, great for dry skins, post holiday and brilliant for pregnant ladies to keep skin and bump in top condition.

It is an unforgettable exotic fragrance and it is often commented when I have had a Frangipani treatment in that the room smells amazing by my next customers.

Starting with the award winning favourite body oil, this is full size (worth a huge £34 on its own!) this is great for a rich body moisturiser, nourishing aftersun, massage oil, deep conditioning hair treatment once a week, cuticle oil, intensive hand and foot treatment, even on lips. Because of its high coconut oil content, this product solidifies at cooler temperatures. Place the bottle in a bowl of warm water to return it to a silky liquid or keep near radiator like I do and its keeps it in liquid form.

You also receive the Frangipani Body Cream and Shower Gel in 100ml sizes, I adore the Shower Cream as I am always on the go and only body moisturise in the evening, the shower cream leaves your skin feeling moisturised when you get out of the shower and the bathroom smells AMAZING!!

Finally the limited edition Frangipani Room Mist, great to spray to instantly relax and produce that feel good sensation. I do hope that this will become in the main range, please Elemis dont disappoint us :)

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