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Elemis SkinLab Coming to Eden!

The Elemis SkinLab combines state-of-the-art technology in facial mapping analysis and a lifestyle consultation to offer the client skincare solutions in only 15 minutes.

Experience the revolutionary skin analysis system from Elemis, which highlights evidence of invisible sun damage and ageing both on and below the surface of your skin. The Elemis Skin Lab Consultation lasts 15 minutes and includes a 3D detailed skin and facial mapping analysis using clinical imaging which works by taking six different photos of your skin, allowing the specialists to identify any spots, UV damage, wrinkles, problem pores, areas of sensitivity and an instant analysis of what skin type you are.

You’ll be provided with a colour printout to help you understand the results better – in addition to specially tailored product recommendations and advice on your skincare regime to help maintain and protect your skin against further damage. There is also the opportunity to touch, feel, smell and learn about the products prescribed and tailor-made solutions for your specific lifestyle needs.

For just £15* you can find out what lies beneath and tackle your complexion concerns. So why not discover the secret to beautiful skin with a visit to the Elemis SkinLab at Eden, available to book between Monday 26th October and Thursday 29th October. If you book an Elemis Advanced Booster Facial on any of these days for £35, we will let you have the skinlab consultation for free :)

* The £15 is redeemable against purchase of two or more Elemis skincare products.


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