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Neom Organics

I know we have a lot of Neom lovers on here, but I thought Id do a little write up for those who don’t know much about this amazing wellbeing brand.

Neom is a British brand using 100% natural fragrances for the mind and body with proven therapeutic benefits to help relieve stress, aid sleep, boost your energy, lift your mood or calm and relax you. They use only natural and where possible organic ingredients, no petro chemicals, paraffin or mineral wax, no artificial perfumes only pure essential oils and no harsh preservatives.

I started using Neom myself over 4 years ago, being aware and trying to reduce my chemical count after a trade article that most women are exposed to around 250 chemicals a day!!!!! My main beauty brand Elemis already promises their products to be free of SLS, parabens and other nasty chemicals, Id changed my hair products to Alterna to also be SLS and paraben free, but I had never paid attention to the candles and the room sprays I frequently used in my house and sprayed about 10 times a day in Eden!! I wouldn’t sit in a room full of cigarette smoke so why would a risk breathing in paraffin soot and chemicals from a candle that’s particles are so small that they are breathed into the deepest part of your lungs causing long term damage. Scary stuff.

I was then introduced to Neom as a wedding gift from one of my customers who has used them for a few years and had the same concerns as me. As soon as I tried the products I was hooked. The scent filled my house smelling amazing and happy in the thought that it was actually good for me at the same time (the high quality essential oils actually change your mood). I immediately contacted them about stocking the products in the salon and we have done for 4 years now. We have seen the brand grow and introduce new products and body care ranges, the quality of the product has shown and its now available in high-end stores such as Selfridges.

The Luxury 3 wick Candles have a huge 40ml of essential oils in them and will burn for 50 hours. Neom recommends you to burn them for 2 hours (to get the full therapeutic benefit) or less if you just want the scent, which will give you 25 treatments from 1 candle. I think this is great value and we sell these at Eden for £40 (RRP £45) compared to the other well know brand of candles which is £42 for half this size and is loaded with synthetic fragrance and nasty ingredients.

Other products that I love are the Room Sprays, only £18 for a large bottle that lasts for ages, you can spray in the air, or onto something if you want the scent to last longer e.g. curtains, cushions, bedding, I spray above the radiators in winter and the smell radiates around the house. It’s also great to spray on your ironing/washing before you put it away and tried by my mum the dog’s bed! As it is natural its completely safe for your pets. The Tranquility Sleep Spray is great for the bedroom to induce sleep and we use Feel Refreshed room spray a lot at Eden to spray on our clothes (Sicilian Lemon and Basil) if we have a lot of sleep treatments in the day this can also make us sleepy and this gives us an fab energy boost to keep going.

The Reed Diffusers are becoming increasingly popular as great for somewhere you want the scent but no naked flame.

Everyone always asks me what scent I have at home? At the moment I love to burn the Happiness candle in my living room, with a reed diffuser just above my radiator, Feel Refreshed for my Kitchen and I spend a lot of time in there I use the Spray and Candles, and upstairs I adore the Tranquillity Mist. I don’t tend to light candles often upstairs, sometimes I do in the bath but generally I have the reed diffusers in the bathroom and bedroom so I subtly have the scent there all the time. But my absolute favourite is the Christmas Wish Candles for winter months, roll on October :)

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