Dermatude Pre Procedure Advice

Advice for Dermatude Procedures

  • Please do not wear make up to your appointment (or try to limit it to a small amount) as it needs to be completely removed prior to treatment

  • It is advisable not to take Asprin, Ibuprofen or Warfrin for 2 days prior to the treatment, please tell your technician if you have taken any medication

  • Please do not discontinue any medication prior to your treatment without consulting a doctor

  • It is recommended that no alchol is consumed the night before your treatment

  • Any waxing should be performed at least 72 hours before the treatment as this will make your skin more sensitive

  • Botox and fillers should not be administered 3 weeks before or after having the treatment

  • A healing period of 6-12 months should be allowed after any surgery or implants

  • Allow at least 6 weeks after any permanent cosmetics treatment before having Dermatude

  • Do not have Dermatude less than three days after a HD Brow treatment

The Treatment

  • For best results a series of treatments are needed in conjunction with your recommended aftercare creams to achieve maximum results

  • Your technician will recommend the treatment shedule best suited to your skin type and requirements uring your intial consultation

After the Treatment

  • As your skin may look moderately sunburnt following the procedure and you will not be able to apply make up, it may be worth considering travelling by car or taxi rather than public transport

  • There may be a minimal risk of infection to the treated area of the skin after the treatment. However due to the sterility of the procedure and the fact that the epidermis is not removed during the treatment chance of infection is minimal

  • By following the after advice and using the products given to you this risk is minimal

  • You should not wear make up for at least 24 hours after the treatment. This is to avoid the introduction of contaminants which may cause infection. You can resume normal activities after 24 hours

  • It is recommended that the use of cleansers and soaps on treated skin is restricted until the redness subsides. Aftercare advice will be give in the aftercare pack which should be followed until the skin surface has fully healed

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